What do the users' status and levels mean (pending, admin...)?
added by f.perreau Nov 15, 2021 in User account

A user can have 3 different statuses:

  • Pendingwaiting for the email confirmation. The user should look into their emails (check the spam) for the Email Confirmation mail from go2cloud or Omny Cloud.

  • Activeverified-email users, with access to their dedicated resources. It can then be:
    • Basic: standard user with only an access-right to the machines provided by the Admin of their company or a Reseller user.
    • Admin or Master: administration rights at a company level. The user can order and delete machines, create and suspend or delete users and teams. They can see where the company’s machines are deployed, ask for custom images through the support chat on the console, and manage their companies’ billing info.
    • Reseller: super-admin. Has access to everything at all levels, and can create companies.


  • Suspendedthe user has been suspended by an Admin or a Reseller. It has no longer access to Exceed Admin Console and cannot connect to any Cloud PC. However, on the login page, it can still access the support chat to solve mistakes or activation requests.
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